My 'once in a lifetime' flowers.....

By far my favourite day in preparation for my wedding day.

Surrounded by hundreds of flowers and some beautiful friends, I create what will surround me on my big day. 

We use foliage from the wedding site and my two favourite gums from the front of my home for that personal touch. 

A whole spectrum of colour comes from the petals and leaves of hydrangea, carnations, lisianthus, dahlia, misty blue, tuberose, gysophilia, chrysanthemum, scholitzia, roses, leucadendron and sea holly. 

Some are wrapped in bunches and others placed in jars. And some.... draped around the twine wrapped hoops that consumed most nights in front of the TV for months before. 

This was simply the most perfect way to feel pure happiness and calm before my big day. 

My once in a lifetime flowers....