Fresh & Beautiful

Little Laughing Bells sources the freshest, local flowers from the flower markets to create organic, wild, whimsical arrangements. 

A trip to the flower markets is always full of lovely, colourful surprises for me. While I cannot tell you what little beauties I shall find each time I visit, I can assure you that they will always be fresh and beautiful and arranged with love. 

Floristry is a passion for me, meaning that every 'little laughing bell' I create, is created with sunshine and happiness. You will find me in my home studio with the biggest of smiles on my face, as I create your special arrangement. 

Take a look at our blog & Instagram account to look at some of our past Little Laughing Bells. 


When are they delivered? 

Little Laughing Bells deliver arrangements each Saturday. This sets us apart from most florist delivery services, which work Monday-Friday. 

All flowers must be preordered by Wednesday 8pm (AWST) for delivery that Saturday. Good organisation tickles my fancy! 

If ordered following this time, delivery will be the following Saturday. 

You can, of course, order well in advance. Just choose the correct delivery date at the checkout. 

Sometimes I just cannot help myself & simply must create more Little Laughing Bells than ordered. In this case- you may order some 'last minute arrangements' online until sold out. Photos of any last minute arrangements will appear on Instagram for any lucky flower lovers!


What arrangements can I order? 

Little Laughing Bells offer the following arrangements: 

Jar of Little Laughing Bells- $35 

Bunch of Little Laughing Bells- From $35 

Vase of Little Laughing Bells- From $65 

Special Event Styling Package (Multiple Jars)- from $95

Little Laughing Bell Subscription- from $120

Vase flower refills- from $50

The Little Prince Book (add to any flower order) $20

Mandala Throws (add to any flower order) $60

Custom Orders

I love creating something extra special for you or a loved one. Whether it be a huge bunch or flower crown, get in touch if you'd like something super spesh made just for you.

Where do we deliver? 

Delivery is free to selected Perth suburbs. 

Please click on 'Delivery Info' to see if your suburb is listed. 

If you do not see your suburb listed, please get in touch with us and we will try to arrange delivery to your location. A minimum spend or delivery fee may apply. 

To order a Little Laughing Bells arrangement, please click on 'Shop our Little Laughing Bells'. You can also purchase a gift wrapped copy of The Little Prince to be included with your flowers.


What happens if the recipient is not home to accept the delivery? 

Please remember to include the correct address and any specific instructions for the delivery of your flowers. 

We are only able to make one delivery per order. 

If the recipient is not home, we will leave the flowers in a shady place (if available) with some water to keep them fresh. 

We are not able to jump over fences or scale apartment buildings (I am neither flexible nor coordinated enough to do so!) so please keep this in mind when placing your order. 


Can I order arrangements for a special event? 

Of course! 

Our 'Special Event Styling Package' is a perfect way to incorporate beautiful flowers into the styling of your baby shower, kitchen tea, birthday celebrations etc. 

If you have something else in mind, feel free to give us an email to see if we can help.